Maze Design

This amazing maze design is in the beautiful shape of a Taniwha - a water monster of Maori legend

The design is themed as a taniwha because it reflects the ancient guardians of Tairāwhiti 

A taniwha face works as a maze type structure because of the koru and spiral patterns

Once the basic shape is built, we can use trees, flaxes and ferns in specific areas ie. kawakawa around the eyelashes and kowhai trees for eyes

Plants that have traditional medicinal values will attract native birds

Interpretation signage for flora and fauna


Incorporates native shrubs, trees, plants which create tall hedges

Once the basic shape is built, we would like to use a few trees, flaxes, and ferns in certain areas i.e. Kawakawa around the eyelashes and Kowhi tree as pupils of the eyes

“A Maori design with influence and direct relation to Tairawhiti-Gisborne. Plant by combining native plants, trees and flaxes to develop the attraction to be fully grown in two years time”.

Dion McLeod