Native Flora

Not just any garden or maze… but...​ A “Garden Maze” with a cultural spin… Unlike hedge mazes found in other parts of Aotearoa, this Maze will take the shape of a large Taniwha. The shapes of The Koru and spiral patterns will work perfectly within a hedged structure which will be made entirely from native flora

Korokio Plants


Korokio is a tangled shrub evergreen divaricating shrub endemic occurring throughout NZ in dry and stony places. Corokia cotoneaster is a flowering plant in the Argophyllaceae family and is commonly known as a wire-netting bush.  In spring, they produce clusters of small, star-shaped yellow blossoms. Berries are red or yellow.

Kapuka Plants


Kapuka is native evergreen tree found throughout New Zealand in forests from sea level to 1000m, forming a dense bushy tree with has deep green oval leaves. It was an opening medicine and the inner bark was used on scrofula (a tuberculous infection of the skin on the neck) and venereal disease

Harakeke Flax


This is one of the most versatile native New Zealand plants. They are found throughout New Zealand, and usually, feature tall green sword-like leaves. Harakeke (flax) was the main plant used for weaving. Their tough, sword-shaped leaves were woven into kete (baskets), sails, tukutuku panel and so on.

Ponga Ferns


The silver fern or ponga is a national symbol and is named for the silver underside of its fronds. ‘Punga’ is a quintessential Kiwi word used to refer to tree ferns or sometimes, more specifically, the trunks of tree ferns.

Kawakawa Tree


The name kawakawa comes from the Māori language, where it refers to the bitter taste of the leaves, from kawa or bitter. Kawakawa is found throughout the North Island, and as far south as Okarito on the West Coast, Banks Peninsula on the east coast of the South Island.

Kowhai Tree


Kōwhai are small woody legume trees within the genus Sophora that are native to New Zealand. The word kōwhai is also used in the Māori language for the colour yellow, because of the colour of the flowers. The blooms of the kōwhai are widely regarded as being New Zealand's national flower, although they have no official status as such.